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Infotainment Center

The Infotainment Center is a screen that can display many types of information including advertisements, news, images, videos, events, weather, and so on:

In addition to playing your own media, there are many options to add interesting and fun information.  Below are some examples of Infotainment available.  This is not an exhaustive list so if you don’t see what you are looking for, ASK!

Message Center Standard

Display text and or image based messages to your visitors to keep them informed about what is happening in your building. Examples of messages include: fire test today between 10am-11am, first floor bathrooms temporarily out of order, east elevator is down, please use west elevator, etc. One message can be scheduled to start and end for the ultimate convenience.

Weather Data

Many options including high/low temperatures to forecasts, conditions, and enhanced graphics

Image Based News

Display the top news of the day to keep your visitors informed of breaking stories. There are also different categories such as headline news, financial news, entertainment news, sports news, world news, tech news, or good news.

Motivational Quotes

Motivational messages to provide perspective and insight to everyday life.

News Ticker

Stay on top of the day’s latest news with a text based news ticker

Stock Prices Ticker

Ticker of updated stock prices from the top companies

Events / Calendar Marketing

Tie together marketing images along with text that retires from the screen according to the calendar to keep guests informed of your events or items to be marketed

Conference Center / Meeting Room Calendar

Simple and fast entry to display meetings by using common calendar apps (ICal, Google Cal, Outlook). Can include wayfinding

Local Gas Prices

Show your visitors where they can find the cheapest gas prices in your area

Local Transit Information

Display arrival and departure times for public transit serving your property

Flight Board

Display flight information to assist travelers with trip planning

Local Traffic Routes

Local traffic conditions, top routes or traffic forecast. No audio is required for this option.

Social Media Feed

Expose your social media to a larger audience by displaying your corporate Facebook or Instagram, or Twitter page


A combination of different feeds such as Celebrity Smiles, Famous Birthdays, Guess the Musician, Where in the World, and others.

Ambient Music

Background Music to add ambience to your lobby

Entertainment TV

Commercial free recorded short form television programming and videos from a variety of sources.

Popular Search Trends

See what the most popular google web searches are for the day

Best Seller Books

See what everyone is reading by displaying information about the best selling books

Health and Nutrition

Discover interesting information about lifestyles, nutrition, and healthy habits

Local Events

See local events happening in your area

Popular TV Shows

See what tv shows are currently trending

Sports Scores

Up to date sports scores based on your geographical location


Advertise on your screen to increase exposure, promotions, or generate revenue

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