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Tenant NamesTenant Suites
Urban Asset Management, LLC125
Synaptic Pediatric Therapies (Outside South)160
Sunrise Home Health Services of America, Inc.260
Sterling Staffing LLC- Outside North Entrance130
Rhetta Bowers - Texas State Rep275
R3C Norcross LP (R&B Texas Wings)370
Peaceway Hospice, LLC-Hope Health Care220
Ortiz Law Firm, PLLC - Outside South Entrance120
Orfaly Medical - Outside East Entrance180
JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association100
Jonathan D.F. Nelson, P.C.530
I&P Trading Co, LLC345
Home Helpers of Rockwall530
Global Essential Services, LLC (GES)520
Garner Dermatology200
Edward D Jones & Co, LP140
Divine Health Care Services Inc.268
Celtic International LLC500
Broadway Family Dentistry, PLLC340
Allstate Ins.- Wickman Agency, LLC150
Agape Manor- Foster Care & Adoption Agency360
Adalight Home Health, LLC274
Leasing Agent1Leasing Agent2Property Manager
(214) 294-4400(214) 294-4433(972) 445-4100
Trae AndersonTanja McAleaveyAmeka Sanchez

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