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Getting maximum lifespan from Your Digital Directory

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Once an investment is made in Your Digital Directory, getting the longest lifespan out of the hardware allows usage of resources for other projects.  With just a few regular activities you can maximize the operational lifespan. 


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Your Digital Directory Touchscreens have antibacterial properties.  Despite this, it is a good idea to schedule regular cleaning to remove any fingerprints and to give your users peace of mind.  Sanitize screens on a schedule following manufacturer recommendations.  Use microfiber cloth, using gentle wiping with the solution per manufacturer recommendations can provide a good sanitization. 


Ensuring the temperature settings is appropriate – circuit boards powering digital signs release heat during operation, and proper ventilation is crucial to prevent overheating. If not, thermal stress will degrade the life of the display.  One of the tasks of regular cleaning is to remove dust and debris from venting areas to allow adequate heat dissipation of the computer and display.  If Your Digital Directory is within an enclosure, kiosk, or encasement, regularly check the fans to confirm operation and eliminate and dust accumulation within it.  Ensure that there are no obstructions blocking airflow around the signage.

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One of the key requirements of digital signage maintenance is a stable and reliable power source to operate at their full potential. Inadequate or fluctuating power supply can lead to irregularities in the brightness, color accuracy, and overall performance lifespan.  Lightning strikes or power surges during storms can damage the electrical components of Your Digital Directory. Install surge protectors and lightning arresters to divert excess electrical energy and safeguard the components from voltage spikes.


Regularly updating Your Digital directory with the latest software and firmware allows you to take advantage of new features, bug fixes, and security enhancements. Your Digital Directory provides robust options, several of which include not only management, update, and maintenance of your software but DAILY checks of Your Digital Directory to ensure software efficiency.  Check your online portal to determine which package you have; Your Digital Directory systems are infinitely flexible and allow adjustment of your service at any time.

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By investing in regular and proper maintenance, properties can maximize the lifespan and performance of Your Digital Directory. It preserves the initial investment but also ensures that the signage optimizes energy efficiency, prevents downtime, preserves your property reputation, continues to deliver messages effectively, attracts customers, and enhances property visibility in the long run.

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