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Display Screen is dark – Firstly, determine if there is power at the display screen and the Your Digital Directory (YDD) computer.  If you have power at the display screen and Your Digital Directory computer (YDD), power cycle the YDD directory computer by unplugging and plugging it back in. If you do not see anything being displayed on the screen, check the hdmi input on the display screen.  Cycle through each input, pausing between each selection, to make sure the right input has been selected.  If after doing this, the display is still dark, contact Your Digital Directory for further troubleshooting.

How do I turn on/off the Your Digital Directory computer? – Even though there is a power button on the YDD directory computer, they are designed to always be powered on.  To turn on a YDD directory computer, just plug it in and the YDD directory computer will auto-start.  If your YDD directory computer is plugged in but not powered on (this can happen after an update or other configuration change), push the power button on the top or side to restart the unit.  To turn off the YDD directory computer, simply unplug the power from the unit.

Does the Your Digital Directory computer support portrait and landscape orientation? – Yes, both Windows and Android based YDD directory computers support landscape (aka horizontal mode) and portrait (aka vertical mode) modes. You will need to go into the settings of the respective device and change the screen orientation. If you are not sure how to do this, contact Your Digital Directory for assistance.

How will I know if the Your Digital Directory computer has internet access? – After the initial installation, if your YDD directory computer goes offline, you will receive an email notification from Your Digital Directory indicating to check your internet connection.  If you think there could be an internet issue, contact your IT department or reach out to Your Digital Directory for more information.

I received a notification that my Your Digital Directory computer is offline – If you received a notification from Your Digital Directory that your YDD computer is offline, follow these steps.  First, access the YDD directory computer, plug in the supplied USB wireless keyboard and stop the campaign from playing. For Android OS based players, right click and you should be taken to the home screen.  On Windows OS based players, left click to bring up the campaign control panel, stop and quit the campaign to return to the home screen.  Next, open the Chrome browser and go to a known working web address.  If you can access that website, you have internet access available, which means that there is a firewall issue blocking the communication to and from the YDD directory computer. If this is the case, contact your IT manager or whomever is responsible for managing your network to setup the firewall rules needed for the YDD directory computer to communicate to the YDD servers.  You can find the network requirements document on our website at  If you cannot access a known working website from the browser, contact your ISP to restore your internet connection.  If you are using wireless internet, the passcode may have been changed which will disconnect the YDD directory computer from the internet.  If you need assistance with this, contact Your Digital Directory.

 There is an error message displaying on the screen – Under normal operation, there should not be any error messages displaying on the screen.  Sometimes there could be error messages after an update or if there is a data corruption issue.  If you are seeing an error message, powercycle the YDD directory computer.  If after restarting this does not resolve the problem, there could be a more serious issue that needs addressing.  In this case, contact Your Digital Directory for additional troubleshooting.

The USB Keyboard doesn’t work – If your included wireless USB Keyboard has stopped working, please check to see if the battery in the keyboard has power available.  This is the most common problem.  If your battery is dead, recharge the unit by plugging it in or just plug in the adapter.  If your battery has power, check to make sure that the USB dongle is plugged in to the YDD directory computer.  If the USB dongle is plugged in and there is power to the USB Keyboard, check the supplied instructions for the keyboard for additional troubleshooting steps.

How do I add my tenants to the directory? – Your Digital Directory will pre-load all of the tenants for your building.  If they are not displaying on the screen, contact Your Digital Directory for assistance.  If you chose the service which is designed for users to make their own updates, use the supplied web interface link to access the spreadsheet where you can add, change, and delete data.


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